Top 3 Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk

By | May 22, 2016

Top 3 benefits of a standing deskIt might be a little bit funny or slightly overrated when people start suggesting that sitting is the new smoking but in real sense, this is so true. That is just how that sitting position most of us have grown used to, has taken a toll on us. In connection with this, you might also have thought that spending a lot of time on your chair to finish up on most of the work, was the right thing to do. Take a look at one of the best standing desks in this post.

You are totally mistaken because it does not do you any good either. Is working while standing the solution then? Sure it is but not for the rest of the day. As much as it is good for you and is the solution to some of the modern day health problems brought about by sitting down for long hours, you need to strike a balance between working while standing and seated.

I know you might now be wondering what it will cost you to invest in both a sitting desk and a standing desk. Really! Okay, let’s iron this part out. It is fine to invest in both a standing and sitting desk for those who work from home if you can afford it. This will give you the flexibility of working on each station at different time periods to your benefit only that it comes at an extra cost, for various items you may need.

On the other hand, this option might not work for an office set up due to limited space or other reasons but in both cases, working while seated or standing is equally important. In such a situation, an adjustable standing desk will be the answer that will help employees reap the benefits of working from either of the postures.

It goes without saying that most of us spend a better part of the day everyday working and not just working but working while seated. It is okay to receive praise as one of the most dependable workers in a specific organization by putting in extra effort to work hard, but it should not be at the expense of your health.

As a dependable worker, it means that the organization wants to enjoy your service for a long time coming to the extent that they can still have you remain in touch even after you retire, for various consultation works. This can never be possible if you do not take care of yourself as you work with the organization.

For those working from home, that job might be their bread winner and any harm on their health will affect them negatively, to the extent that they may not be in a position to work in the near future. That is how serious this is and you need to pay attention to this, if you are set to continue delivering wherever you work from for a long time to come.

Getting an adjustable standing desk will be cheaper than investing in a sitting one separately. Alternatively, you can opt to improvise a standing desk with what you already have if you are working from home. An example can be placing your computer work station on top of an ordinary table that will help you attain the right height to work while standing. When this is achieved, it will still work for you and will save you the expense of investing in an adjustable standing desk altogether.

Why do you need an adjustable standing desk? In an office environment, that work station could be serving various people of differing height and to be able to work from there, they should be able to adjust the desk appropriately. Same case applies to a home office environment that serves a number of people.

That said and done, let’s look at 3 of the greatest benefits of using an adjustable standing desk.

  1. Mortality Risk is lowered

This is interesting. Studies have revealed that, if average Americans would reduce time spent sitting to just 3 hours per day, their life expectancy would increase by 2 years. Why is this so? Sitting for long hours is associated with cases of diabetes, cancer, obesity as well as cardiovascular disease.

These are some of the leading killer diseases in the world today and if you can counter the risk of suffering from these by standing, then, your life expectancy will definitely soar high. The solution to some of these diseases has nothing to do with eating a healthy diet or a few exercises here and there. The only way is to balance between sitting and standing as you work.

  1. Reduces Risks of Obesity

Isn’t it interesting to find that some individuals around you tend to gain weight while others remain the same even if you are feeding on the same diet but have different ways of exercising? Sure it is and the obvious question in the minds of most of us is why this is so and what could be the best solution for those trying to cut down on their weight?

ergonomics and standing desksSome of the exercises that various individuals engage in include walking, jogging as well as hitting the gym. At least, these are the most common. The interesting thing is that you will find that for those who have set a specific time to visit the gym or jog, there is a high probability that they will still gain weight. On the other hand, those who spend time walking will most probably retain their current weight or shed some as well.

You might say that your work does not allow you to walk much but contrary to this, opportunities for this present themselves on a daily basis including taking the stairs instead of the elevator, as well as walking to a colleague’s desk instead of sending them mails.

  1. Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

If you thought obesity is the only condition to worry about when working while seated you are wrong. There are other health problems connected to this working posture and Type 2 diabetes is one of them. It comes as a result of decline in the effectiveness with which the level of glucose in the bloodstream is regulated.

This is referred to as a metabolic syndrome that inhibits absorption of glucose in the blood. You want to keep yourself from such a complication? Take time and incorporate standing, sitting and walking amidst your work schedules.

Remember that standing throughout leaves you prone to diseases such as varicose veins. Therefore, more than balancing between working while sitting and standing; take some time and walk. It is healthy.  So if you want to see one of the best standing desks out there read this review.

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