Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk Frame Review

By | January 19, 2017

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Considering it’s among the oldest kinds of furnishings– basically a plank held up with four legs– the traditional desk is long overdue for a technological remodeling. Enter the standing desk, which has been revealed to decrease many illness associated with extended sitting.

The Jarvis Desk by San Francisco- and Portland-based Fully (formally Ergo Depot) is among the growing budget friendly options for motorized standing desks. We evaluated the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, but Fully provides a suite of comparable desk styles that come equipped with the very same fundamental digitally driven “frame”– 2 wide-base assistance legs managed by a switch mounted to the desk.

The Jarvis Bamboo Standing up Desk is a slight upgrade from the fundamental design, which uses a flat laminated desktop and costs $40 less. Our model offers a sleeker, eco-friendly desktop total with a diagonal edge that permits the arms to rest quickly while working.  I have referred to the base in this review.  You can easily get any desk top you want to put on it.  It really is simple.

Unpacking and Assembly

The Jarvis Desk arrived in a set of bundles with some assembly needed, but anybody who’s constructed furnishings before will have little difficulty putting it all together. The complete construct took about a half and an hour, however that time would’ve been reduced if we ‘d had an electric drill on-hand to change the necessary elbow grease needed for our manual screwdriver.

Our desktop determined in at 60 inches by 30, which provided plenty of space to spread out our office equipment, including a 27-inch all-in-one computer system, phone, random accessories, coffee cups, numerous piles of notepads and papers, and space to spare.

The very first element we saw of the Jarvis Desk is its aesthetic appeal. Despite being mostly an electronic gadget, the Jarvis Desk fits in unassumingly with an office filled with standard wood desks.Customer ReviewsRaising The Desk

The primary means of operation ends and starts with a seven-button switch linked to the main electronic controller– a power pack that plugs into an outlet and controls the elevation of the legs. It’s a basic, stylish method to change height on the fly and is a largely inconspicuous desk accessory, set below the left or best side and implied to sit flush with the desk’s vertical edge.

The first element we discovered of the Jarvis Desk is its aesthetic appeal. Despite being mainly an electronic gadget, the Jarvis Desk fits in unassumingly with a workplace filled with standard wooden desks. The under-the-hood devices is where the Jarvis Desk shines.


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