Flexispot 27 inch and 35 inch Review

By | June 3, 2017

Flexispot 27 inch and 35 inch ReviewResting for extended amount of times could be negative for your health and wellness, leading lots of people to look for a correct standing desk option. FlexiSpot assumes they have the response. FlexiSpot’s elevation adjustable work desk riser helps increase the usage of your existing workstation by transforming a standard work desk into a much healthier sit-stand workstation. It comes well packaged in a tri-wall cardboard container within which rests a foam lining to help protect it during transit. It’s basically pre-assembled, the only component for setting up is the key-board tray.buy yours now

The FlexiSpot M2B Height Adjustable Stand Up workdesk shifts easily and quickly in between being a resting work station to a standing desk, which works for those transitioning to a standing desk. This standing desk can shift anywhere between those positions for people of all sizes.  It can help your health and wellness and remove the dangers from sitting at your workdesk all day.Flexispot standing work station

Arrangement and also Assembly

It is easier if you have a family members or a friend to help, since this is a hefty work desk. Amazon.com states it comes in at 56 pounds, and also the guidelines suggest 2 individuals to relocate. I was able to move it myself but because of the size it is hard to maneuver around by yourself.

This is the 35 ″ variation, which indicates it’s a little larger and also larger compared to its little brother or sister, the 27 ″ variation. Both can be found in white and also black, and also it’s adjustable with screen places for getting that perfect ergonomic viewing angle.

Below are the physical measurements of both risers:

35-inch Flexispot

  • Top 35″ wide by 23.2″ deep
  • Keyboard platform 35″ wide by 7.9″ front to back at the ends opening up into a 12.2″ deep recessed section in the middle underneath the top. This broader section is 25″ wide where a keyboard could be placed to free up the front if required.
  • Height adjustability is between 5.9″ when fully lowered up to 19.7″ at full height.

27-inch Flexispot

  • Top 27″ wide by 23.2″ deep
  • Keyboard platform 27″ wide by 7.9″ across at the ends and a 12.2″ deep recessed section in the middle which is 17″ wide.
  • Height adjustment as the larger unit.

Back to the point. I found it best that I move it up into your work desk as soon as you get this monster out of its product packaging. The FlexiSpot is a practical “riser”, an add-on which you put on top of your existing workstation. It is not a standalone work desk.  That being the case you will only want to get this if you are going to use and existing desk.

While the FlexiSpot riser comes almost completely put together (there are a pair snap-on joint covers to include), you’ll still need to do a quick assembly of the key-board stand.  Really it is not that difficult at all as you will see.

The setting up is quite easy though, as long as you have a screwdriver or a drill with bit attachments. There are simply 4 screws on each side to affix the steel layers that hold the key-board stand to the workdesk. Screw those in and really you’re good to go.

Then you simply require to loosen up two hand knobs beneath the workdesk, slide the key-board into them, and then simply tighten them. This is a straightforward procedure, however it does indicate that the key-board stand is fixed after you tighten up the handles. Taking it off would certainly no issue at all just loosen those knobs again pull it out and slide it under the desk.

There are levers of on both sides of the workdesk that you press to change its elevation. The gas spring system enables it to move right up with virtually no effort on your part. Placing it back takes a little bit of a pressure downward, however it’s assuring that you will not mistakenly send your workdesk plunging down while you’re adjusting it.

Keep an eye on your hands at first while readjusting it, you might just get them pinched a little.  I know  you will be a master at moving it up and down very quickly.  That is one of the only issues I see with this riser.

As a Standing Desk

Exactly how does this do its job as a real standing desk? I’ve been liking it thus far. I do not specifically wish to be standing for 8 hrs a day, yet I likewise do not wish to be sitting for that long either, so the very easy changes in between resting and also standing actually makes this suitable for me.

I’m over six feet in height, so locating a standing desk that could work well for me that for me is not easy to do. The FlexiSpot actually fits the bill.

Working on your computer all day should not be difficult on your body. Straightforward adjustments that just cost you mins every day could have a wonderful effect.  You can raise and lower it it to various elevations depending on exactly how big or small you are, so I would certainly state as long as you’re not as tall as I am, it will work great for you.  You could actually be a bit taller than me maybe up to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

One point to be skeptical of, nevertheless, is just how level the surface area of your present work desk is. With the FlexiSpot on leading edge, the standing desk rocks a little bit when I placed weight on the front side.

As a Sitting Desk

If you do wish to sit while working, the FlexiSpot enables that as well, yet every little thing is just a bit higher that it was on your desk before.  That being said if you also have a good chair then you can adjust accordingly. The top of the Flexispot  is about 6 inches off your desk, though the key-board stand is about an inch off the desk.

If your desk is currently at your ergonomically prefered elevation, then the added 6 inches could be frustrating, however, for me, I constantly seemed like my workdesk was a little off anyhow. And also, you could maintain your key-board as well as computer mouse on the stand (which is big for a key-board stand, as well as equally as large as the desk) while leaving your display up on the raised part, which ought to assist with your position.

Be certain to determine your desk is large enough to fit this whole gizmo– you actually do not desire any of the riser to jutting out over the side of your desk. The 4 little rubber feet that offer the riser grip (to stop it from gliding around) must be completely secure to the top of your desk.

On the whole, I was impressed with the FlexiSpot in both the standing and seated positions. There’s a lot of room for office supplies on it as well (or documentation, or a coffee cup, or whatever else litters your workspace), as well as the ability to raise it high enough to suite me.


Both versions are covered by a 5-year guarantee which appears reasonable; is should last quite a  bit longer.

Should You Buy One?Customer Reviews

The FlexiSpot standing desk is not be the least expensive riser there at, yet it’s an easy to use, simple device for those that currently have a sitting work station that they want to incorporate the benefits of a standing one. The ability to quickly change from sitting to standing is incredibly helpful to ensure that you do sit for too long of time..

Remember, however, that to receive all of the benefits, you only require to not sit for extended periods of time.  This allows you to do just that and still remain productive.

My Decision of the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Riser:

Go for the FlexiSpot standing desk if you have the budget plan for it as well as you currently have a sitting workdesk you desire to keep. It’s strong as well as enables quickly, simple changes from resting to standing easily.

This workdesk riser is sturdily developed and also really simple to make use of, just pushing the sides to raise and lower it to where you desire it.

In general, FlexiSpot looks good and performs as it should.  It is made of high quality materials.  You can check out current prices below.buy yours now

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