Exercises to do at your desk


Exercises to do at your desk

Exercises to do at your deskExercise is important in everyday life.  Today many people, including myself, neglect this part of their lives. At first glance this might not seem like it applies to the topic of the site, but really it does.  Let me explain.  Ergonomics is to make sure you, and your body, are in the optimum position for the benefit of your body.  So we will go over some reasons for you to exercise at your desk and some exercises you can do at your desk.

Okay we all have heard that we should not live a sedentary lifestyle.  Well office work does not help this situation much.  So what can we do about it and what does this have to do with an ergonomic office? Well if you work in an office then during your breaks you should take a walk.  Actually about once an hour you should stand up and walk a bit.  Even if it is just to get some water, go to the bathroom, take a short walk down the hall.

Many people get lazy and figure that they don’t need to move too much when they are working.  This leads to many health issues over an extended period of time.  I was lucky enough in my previous career that I was able to get up and walk around whenever I wanted to.  I worked in the field so I never had anyone watching over my shoulder as to what I was doing or when I was doing it.  Just remember you dont need a lot of fancy equipment to exercise.

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Then when I decided to work out of my home, things became even more relaxed.  As long as I did my job, everyone was happy.  No set hours, this means I could do what I want when I wanted to do it.  Working at home is the “BOMB”!  Well as long as you are disciplined enough.  As I mentioned in my other page about “How to Create an Ergonomic Workstation” it is easy to get distracted and not get anything done.

Well changing my work habits really helped me when I chose to work for myself.  I already knew how to work at home.  I just had to make things the way I enjoyed them.  Make them fit me instead of me fitting in with my space. Hence the Ergo Office was born at home.  Over the years I learned simple little tricks and things that would help me, not only stay fit, but be able to get more done in a shorter period of time.  That is really what we all want.  Less work and more time to ourselves.  That is actually a misnomer, it is not less work, but you do it in less time because it all fits with your body and how it is designed to work.  Okay before I get too sidetracked here with how or where it all started let’s get back to the topic at hand; Office Exercise.


Why Exercise at work?

I know, I know.  You say wait a minute we started out talking about exercise and how a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health, then we talked a little about working at home, then we talked about work habits and ergonomic offices and design, and now we are talking about exercise again.  Please just bear with me it will all make sense soon.exercise at work

I actually would love to do more exercise, but I just can’t find the time to do it.  Well that is until I heard about some simple exercises you can do at your desk.  If you work in an office some of your co-workers will think you are a little strange at times for doing these exercises but you will be the one laughing in the end when you are actually more productive!

Yes, a short time of exercise can make you more productive.  It gets the blood flowing and the adrenalin pumping.  These two things can make you more productive and in the long run give you more energy throughout the day.  This doesn’t matter if you work at home for yourself or even in an office.  Most of you probably work out of your home as I do, at least part time.

So I decided to include this short video to help you out for some ideas on exercises to do at your desk.  Some of them, no one would ever guess you were doing exercises in the office. Then others you will not be able to hide it.

I hope you enjoyed the video and took some notes.  If not, you are always welcome to come back and take a look at it again.  I won’t tell anyone.

How Much?

Really how much exercise will you end up doing at home while you are working?  Well what I like to do is set a one beep alarm on my phone every hour.  This beep reminds me to do a bit of exercise.  If you work 8 hours and you exercise for 5-10 min every hour, while still working you can actually get in 40 to 80 minutes of exercise every day!  Wow that ads up.  Guess what else, you were still able to do your work.

Of course with any type of exercise you will want to check with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to do it.  Take things easy at first and work your way up.  The worst thing you can do is go out there and leave it all behind the first day and then the next day you are so sore you won’t exercise for the next month, if not longer.

Over time you will find that you are more productive and feel better while working.  It seems a little strange at first, that you actually get more energy by spending energy.  We all know that it is best to be healthy.  This also includes diet.  So put away those sugary snacks and do your best to feel better and become more productive in the long run. You will also find yourself becoming ill less often.

Office exercises to do


Exercise should be a part of our everyday life.  It is easy to say we don’t have time to do it.  Well the reality is you can actually do it while working.  Especially if you work from home.  No one will know and even if you are on the phone you can still do some of these exercises and no one will be any wiser.  You could even take a walk to your local coffee shop, working on your phone.  All of these little things help your productivity will go through the roof!

Now this is all part of an ergonomic office.  It actually takes it to the next level.  It is how your body works the best.  By making sure we are performing at optimum levels we should make sure that we are doing out exercise at work.  I hope you enjoyed some of these top office exercise tips and you should give it a try, I bet you will thank me for it!

Please leave any comments, suggestions,  or questions you have below.  I love to hear from mt readers!