I have been in several jobs that I had to set up my own office. I found that when I was able to make things more accessible and myself more comfortable I got a lot more work done! I just want to share what worked for me with my readers.

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Flexispot 27 inch and 35 inch Review

Resting for extended amount of times could be negative for your health and wellness, leading lots of people to look for a correct standing desk option. FlexiSpot assumes they have the response. FlexiSpot’s elevation adjustable work desk riser helps increase the usage of your existing workstation by transforming a standard work desk into a much healthier sit-stand workstation.… Read More »

Ergonomic Chairs- Simply A Waste Of Money Or Beneficial?

There’s been a buzz going around for a while now about ergonomic office furnishings. Given that premium ergonomic desks and chairs cost a pretty penny, exist any real health advantages to be had or is this just another method of duping the unsuspecting business owner out of their hard-earned money? Most of us understand that a happy worker… Read More »

Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk Frame Review

Our Rating: Considering it’s among the oldest kinds of furnishings– basically a plank held up with four legs– the traditional desk is long overdue for a technological remodeling. Enter the standing desk, which has been revealed to decrease many illness associated with extended sitting. The Jarvis Desk by San Francisco- and Portland-based Fully (formally Ergo Depot) is among… Read More »

5 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Exercise is important in everyday life.  Today many people, including myself, neglect this part of their lives. At first glance this might not seem like it applies to the topic of the site, but really it does.  Let me explain.  Ergonomics is to make sure you, and your body, are in the optimum position for the benefit of… Read More »

Is This The Best Ergonomic-Mouse Evoluent Verticalmouse

My Rating Research has already proven that prolonged use of the regular the mouse can cause Carpel Tunnel Syndrome due to the fact that one has to twist the arm and wrist in an abnormal position. For this reason, inventors have been trying to come up with better mice designs and Jack Lo was among the first inventors… Read More »

The Best Home Office Ideas to Keep in Mind

One of the best things with a home office is that you can lay it out in the best way possible just the way you would want it to be. This is okay but the most important thing to have in the back of your mind is that probably, you will be spending a lot of time there… Read More »

What Is an Ergonomic Chair vs a Normal Chair

Most offices have seats which employees use while working and same case applies to a home office environment. It is worrying to see most of those shopping for office seats going for that particular variety that seems appealing to their eyes, while overlooking some of the essential inclusions that every office chair should have. A stylish office chair will… Read More »

Top 3 Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk

It might be a little bit funny or slightly overrated when people start suggesting that sitting is the new smoking but in real sense, this is so true. That is just how that sitting position most of us have grown used to, has taken a toll on us. In connection with this, you might also have thought that… Read More »