Hello and Welcome to Ergo Offices

MarcPhotoCircleMy name is Marc.  I am the guy who made this website.  I have worked in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.  Not only have I worked in offices but I have worked in the field and at home.  When you work in the field or at home it takes a certain type of discipline to get the job done. Currently I do several things including, but not limited to, working from home.

How I Got Started

I discovered that having an ergonomic workplace was important to me as I started working longer hours, especially at home.  Sitting at the old uncomfortable computer desk and having my back hurt to the point I was not sleeping well at night, made me take action.  Pain is funny that way.  Well I started doing some research and found many useful things, that in my experience helped.

After some time of research I started collecting more and more cool things that helped from Amazon and other places.  Once that happened I decided I wanted to share things that helped me.  Well that is how ErgOffices.com (Ergo Offices) was founded.  So please feel free to contact me, leave comments, questions, or even suggestions.  I love to hear from my readers.

Of course if you like something, please share it!