5 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

By | December 4, 2016

5 Exercises to Do at Your DeskExercise is important in everyday life.  Today many people, including myself, neglect this part of their lives. At first glance this might not seem like it applies to the topic of the site, but really it does.  Let me explain.  Ergonomics is to make sure you, and your body, are in the optimum position for the benefit of your body.  Through doing these exercises you can ensure, not only being healthier but also keep your body in the optimum position for your body.

I have included a great video that runs through all of these exercises at the end of this article.


Okay this may not seem like a thing that is actually exercise but a chair ball helps strengthen your core.  Yes that is right it can actually really work your stomach and back muscles because you are engaging them to stay properly balanced on it.  So just move your other chair aside for a few hours and sit on the chairball. You can find them at amazon.chairball

Seated Calf Raises

Don’t try to do this in the chairball, but you can do it in your ergonomic chair.  Sit comfortably with your legs hip width apart. Slowly raise your calves and hold for two seconds.  Then slowly lower your heels to the ground.  Do this for 20 reps.

Bicep Isolation

Sit at your desk with your palms up put increasing pressure under your desk for 5 seconds.  Then release.  Do this 20 times.  So far not too difficult and these are great for your health.

Tap Squats

This one may seem a little odd if you are in a big office but if you are at home like me it really is not a problem.  Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart.  Have your chair behind you as if you were going to sit down in the chair. Slowly lower your body until your legs or butt just tough the chair. Then slowly stand back up.  Make sure your chest and head are pushed up.  Do 20 to 20 reps of this then take a rest.exercise at the office

Desk Push ups

Another easy but strange looking exercise you might want to do when no one is around.  No you are not going to climb up on your desk.  All you do is stand up and move your chair from behind you.  Place your palms on the edge of your desk and step back a little until you are in push up position.  Just like a regular push up slowly lower yourself down then push back up.  Do 20 reps.

As I stated here is a great video showing you all of these exercises.

There are five things you can do to help exercise at work. Sometimes they call this deskercise.  I still believe that all of these things work together with ergonomics to help you have a more productive day, especially in your home office.

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